Son not receiving emails. Scoutmaster says his rooster shows "no email" for my son

Hello Forum people.

My older son (name removed by Moderator) in his profile I do have his email setup in it.
But he has yet to ever receive an email. The scoutmaster showed me the rooster for the troop and to the right of his name it shows no email.
Please help.


That means he was opted-out of receiving emails. He needs to log into his account and flip the toggle on his email to permit emails.

What account are you referring to?
I am log into his account (and I do not see any setting like that).
Internet Advancement…
When I choose personal info I can see his email address is in there but there is no opt out option.

I do not even see that setting on my profile.


Your son needs to log in to Scoutbook, click on My Account β†’ E-mail and move the opt-out slider to the off position so that the background is gray, not red.

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I think I may be understanding I am logging in with my email and password and I can see my profile and my two sons profile.

Are you saying he needs to login in with his email and a password?
I personally don’t think we have actually ever done that.

Yes, the opt-out switch can only be disabled from the actual account it is set on.

He last logged in to Scoutbook on 11/19/23. The ID is firstname.lastname.

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Ok awesome, that makes way more sense.
I will try that when I am back home.
At least your saying he has logged into the account!!!

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