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OA Membership Report not working?

Just read about the option to use the OA Membership Report, but when I go to run it, while it seems to go out to get the data, I get no report back (or if it’s there, I don’t know where).


What is your roll in the unit? When you run the report, the results are displayed in the same window.

Sorry, forgot to include that: Unit Admin

Does your screen just go blank, does it start to produce data, etc.?

You must have the Date Joined field filled out in the Scout’s profile for your program for the Scout to be considered for the OA report.

They all have the Date Joined field filled out. Apologies, words are escaping me but the “loading…this can take several minutes for large units” (we have 52 scouts) spinner comes up, a brief “loading” shows and then the screen goes back to my Troop Roster

Sorry Marueen, I was looking at the OA Eligibility Report. The author of the extension will need to address this.

One idea. You may have lost a connection to a Scout Go to your unit roster, click on your name then click on Troop Admin. Click the I agree check box then Update without changing anything else.

I have access to all of the scouts still – I’m in there daily (I’m the Advancement Coordinator). I did have this issue earlier on but that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

I do have problems with the OA Eligibility Report as well, and reported it earlier, but was supposed to send an email and get a case number and report back and that didn’t happen (Covid-19 did); I need to get back on the stick on that one.

What happens when you run the OA Eligibility Report?

looong story. Might be better searching for my name in the Scoutbook forum

This thread?


Did you receive a SSD number? If so, we might be able to find out the status.

No, unfortunately as I said I forgot to report it as life seriously got in the way and then I forgot. I plan to report it this week. Thanks for finding the thread!

It would be very helpful if you could include the Camping Log for a few Scouts that you are having issues with. At the top of each Scout’s Camping Log page is a CSV button where you can export the log.

Also please include the Election Date and the Date Joined Scouts BSA.

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The Extension OA report and OA QE has been fixed in version V0.45.0.15

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