OA national trainings

Is there a way to enter a scouts national OA training into scoutbook? Also OA awards?

Not that I am aware of for either one. By OA awards, which ones are you specifically looking to add? There are both local and national awards that have been authorized over the years.

It would be hard to near-impossible to capture all of the various local awards.

The Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honors can be identified in Scoutbook, however, under each youth’s profile (My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Youth name → Youth profile).

I even looked at My.Scouting.org Training Manager and I did not immediatly find any OA labeled training there. What training are you looking to record?

There are four that I can think of off the top of my head, although it’s more useful for me as a chapter adviser to have the training in LodgeMaster, since I’m looking at more than one unit.

The four I can think of are:
Unit Elections Training
Lodge Leadership Development (LLD)
National Leadership Seminar (NLS)
Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC)

There are also things like ceremonial team training, drumming, and dancing that might be of interest, but again at the chapter/lodge level rather than at the unit level.

I can see, however, that having such information available to the OA Unit Representative youth PoR would be helpful for the youth to encourage/recognize other arrowmen who have been trained (or could benefit from training).

I am not sure if those are recorded in the AKELA scout record - it might just be in LodgeMaster ???

One was a lodge award and the others are NE-5 Leadership conference. I didn’t think there was but just checking, And yes I have added all of the members OA ordeal, brotherhood and vigil to each scout’s profile. Thanks

I don’t know enough about the Akela database to comment intelligently. Some of them (e.g. unit elections training) aren’t even properly handled in LodgeMaster, that I can find anyway.

Thanks for the information. I will see what I can do

I’m not sure if you can enter events conducted as part of the Conclave Training Initiative even in LodgeMaster. Or was the NE5 leadership training the regional NLS/DYLT event? That I know you can log in LodgeMaster.

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