OA Unit Representative missing from Venturning Leadership Dropbox

When trying to add a leadership position to a Venturer in our crew, the OA options are only varying levels of chiefs, vice-chiefs and other officers. But OA unit representative is not one of those available. It doesn’t matter whether the Scouts BSA toggle is set for a Venturer or not, it is still not available as an option.


It appears for my son (in a troop) up near the top of that list on the production server:

Unfortunately, the sandbox server isn’t letting me play with the Crew Advisor role to see if it’s missing there. Maybe one of the SUAC folks can see if it’s missing on their end. There are a couple of Venturing-associated scouters on there.

ETA: I figured out a way to fake the production server out, by trying to add a “past” leadership role for my son in his old crew. I concur. OA Unit Representative is missing on the Crew POR list

Thanks - the Scouts BSA dropbox won’t appear for a Venturer under 18 who is working on Scouts BSA advancement in the crew. Only the Venturing dropbox appears. Either way, they are the crew’s OA unit representative. Is it possible it was left out because it wasn’t on the list of positions that qualify for rank (Pathfinder and Summit)?

It shouldn’t have been left out, in my opinion, since lodge/chapter/section and national positions typically don’t count for advancement in troops, (or crews, I didn’t think), but they’re in the list. I think it’s just an error.

hmm could have sworn was there - it is reported

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