Obtaining Scout Code

I have a parent who we cannot get connected to their scout. They’re trying to connect to him in the Scoutbook app and it’s asking for a scout code. How and where do I obtain this? Is it his BSA number?

User ID: 12297246 (scout)

The parent is listed in his account but we cannot get them connected. They created a SB account before their scout was entered.

Help is appreciated!!!

@KeriSnyder - are they connected to the scout in scoutbook.scouting.org ?

@Stephen_Hornak No. I have worked with council and possibly someone here in an attempt to get the parent connected, but nothing works.

@KeriSnyder this is fixed - user had 2 accounts

Thank you. Will it show the current info in Scoutbook so that I can send the parent the link?

the parent is connected - they need to use the google log in like they have in the past

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