October 18, 2022 - Internet Advancement and Recharter Change Log

Bug Fixes

Fixes implemented for the following issues:

  • Revise the data that is sent when updating profile (This will remove the requirement for adults to enter emails on youth who do not have an email listed)

  • Mobile-Responsive View | Calendar - Event Details Page: Huge error message blocking the whole web page. (Removes a bug)

  • Removes error when adding map location to Eagle Project entry

  • Service Hours require a 1 for non registered (no longer required)

  • Cubmaster incorrectly receiving paperwork email (Adult leadership who were removed were getting recharter paperwork to sign)

  • Committee Chair does not see page to be able to verify microdeposits (Removes reliance on email received to confirm microdeposits for ACH recharter payments)

  • Remove requirement for Member ID for new IH, Tiger Cub Adult, and Lion Adult Partner (these positions no longer require a member ID as they are not required to complete YPT for their position)

  • Issue with Date Picker component (Potential fix for a small bug that we are seeing in Sentry reports)


  • As a youth I would like my school grade and School name on my profile. School name only available to edit (Youth can now have their school added to their profile)

  • Provide ability for those completing recharter to renew members at the appropriate registration level in the upcoming charter term (Allows recharter administrators to renew individuals at the requisite participation level for the new recharter term. i.e. youth who will become a participant or participants who will become adults in)

  • Create Quick Entry Menu and ability to enter health records

  • School Information Quick Entry

  • Swimming Classification Quick Entry

  • Create ability for date joined to display on profile and make editable by unit leaders. (Date joined is now editable and viewable in IA)