Swim Test

Hello! I have looked through Scoutbook for place that stores the info swim tests. Is there a place where we can keep track of when someone has passed a swim test, which level, the tester, date, etc? If not, is this a feature that can be added?

Swim classification level and date is found under Edit Profile.

You can create a report by using Roster Builder Manager.

Did we used to do this through Quick Entry? I don’t see it where I thought I would.

Looks like it might be done directly in IA2 now?

Yes I verified it is now in IA2. Under the roster click on “Quick Entry”. I just looked at School Entry also within the Quick Entry and noticed that all the scouts that aren’t in High School no longer have a school listed and I know all the scouts in my troop use to have a school listed. Not looking forward to when they move the rest of advancement to IA2.

I have reported this to the developers.


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