On line Registration Error

Parent trying to use online registration. Is a Lapsed adult.
Get following error

It happens after the background check filled out.
Something went wrong
following keywords unknown will be ignored Max Min value: invalid request

What is the adult’s BSA member number? (No names please)

Adult Scouter BSA number is 14089140

Please ask him to log out and try again.

At my.scouting he had 2 BSA member numbers and both were set as “primary”.

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Thank you, I will let you know if successful or not.

We are encountering the same error message. We only see one member number on the account.

BSA Number: 134680965

It worked! Thank you so much for your help!

@TammiLasater Are you trying to register yourself? Or a Scout?

@JenniferOlinger myself (adult).

@TammiLasater do you know if the unit you are trying to join TAKES Adults online? The unit has to take action to do it

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for you reply and trying to troubleshoot the issue.

I am the registrar for the unit @TammiLasater is applying to. The unit does take Adult applications online and our last adult application was submitted one month prior. I can submit a paper application if needed for her, but we were trying to see if there was a solution for this error first.

Thanks again!

@BrendaWashington You might want to submit a ticket to national via your channels also. If there’s a bigger issue going on, they can identify it.

I am getting same Error: My Member ID: 135154898
It seems I have another member Id too. But this one is set as primary.