Online application error

Have a parent who has a My Scouting ID of 129694885 (she at one point also had 13693277 as a number). When she tries to do a app for 11 y/o daughter she either gets a continually spinning circle after clicking youth 11-17. If she gets any further after entering her daughters info it goes to the screen where her info goes non of her data is prefilled from her account but is grayed out from further entry,

Any thoughts



I suggest you contact your council.

the problem is they referred to me


Council staff has contacts inside the BSA. They will need to use those contacts to resolve the issue. This is not something the SUAC has visibility into.

The same thing is happening for me with my daughter’s account (age 14). I created a youth account for her and it has all of her information where the guardian info should be (all grayed out so it cannot be changed) and then it won’t let her apply to a troop because it says the guardian cannot be under 18. Did the parent you refer to above ever get the problem resolved, and if so, who did she contact to help her?


Your council registrar should be able to correctly connect you as an adult to your daughter’s youth account.