One of our AOL Scouts does not have any Current Adventures listed in Scoutbook

His Member ID is 14719066. Other Scouts in his Den are showing adventures in their profiles.

@MichaelOtt that is a bug that came up this week and is reported - watch change log for a fix

@DonovanMcNeil I am having the exact same problem with just 1 scout. You say watch change log for a fix, what/ where is that? I have not had issues with scoutbook in the past so I am new to the forums. Any guidance is much appreciated.


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Adding on to what @Stephen_Hornak posted, if you’re not familiar with the process for “subscribing” to Discourse forums/categories/threads, I have a post from a few years ago that explains the process. The forum names have changed since my original post, but the process is the same:

I just had it occur, seemed to happen with marking completion on an adventure that was started (not finished) in the previous requirement version

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