Scoutbook Plus AOL advancements disappear after two adventures entered


Just got back from summer camp and started entering in requirements for my 6 AOL scouts. For each scout I was able to enter in 2 adventures. Then when I go into enter a 3rd I get “This Advancement has no requirements” and I am unable to enter further advancement for that scout under their AOL rank advancement.

I have tried clearing the cache.

Thank you!

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@JosephReinsma do you mean it fails in Quick Entry?

No. It fails before I get that far.

Starting off in scoutbook.

Select the pack under my units.
Select the AOL Den under dens
Select a scout under scouts
Seclect scouts advancement
Switches to scoutbook plus in a new tab
Click view more next to Arrow of Light under cub scout ranks.
Under every scout I have completed two adventure pins via quick entry or standard entry, I no longer have the option to select a adventure to mark requiremnts. The screen doesn’t show the adventures at all any more. It just gives me “This Advancement has no requirements”. If I switch from the 2024 requirements to the 2022 requirments I get “Error /10507439/undefined/undefined/version” I don’t know if that helps. I am interested in the 2024 requirments.


Make sure your leader role is selected in the upper right of the SB+ window. You may also find more success logging in to

Ok. I am going to go with a permissions issue. When I select my position, it lists committee member plus one more. But I can not figure out what that one more is. I will have to ask the committee chair to look at this further. I had appropriate permissions in scoutbook. But maybe they don’t translate the same way into scoutbook plus.

I just find it odd that I could enter in 2 adventures for these scouts and then things stopped working. Then I would move on to the next scout and then after two adventures were entered then that scout stopped working.

Also, when I select my parent roll, I get the same view for my own son. “This Advancement has no requirements”. So I can’t even see his advancement progress.

I am running into the exact same issue. I am cubmaster and den leader for my AoL den. I signed off BB gun and Archery last night for my own son and then could not access any more adventures. Now ALL of my AoL scouts show that “this advancement has no requirements” under the AoL award. I can click on other scouts not in the AoL den and see the adventures for AoL - although they say those scouts are not eligible. But any scout in the AoL den has the requirements as “null.”

@BradWeber @JosephReinsma do one of you have a moment for a screenshare?

I actually used my phone last night. Can you do a share on mobile? Unfortunate today my computer im using is at work and wont be able to share through the firewall. I wont get to a personal computer until tonight if we cant do mobile.

honestly not sure on mobile and getting some clues is easier on a computer some times

Give me 15 min or so and maybe i can hook this into a public wifi and see what we can do. What steps should i take to make it all happen?

are you talking about this page? that section is just slow to load it seems

ok I think I just saw issue - let me test again

OK I see it now and have reported it

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the hack for now is change the URL scout number -
add “/adventures” to the end

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You cited the test server again @DonovanMcNeil. :^)

@CharleyHamilton thanks fixed - can tell where we bug fix

adding /adventures to the end just goes back to It does not successfully go to

The picture below shows the current adventures area is blank. Required and electives used to have more data there before 2 of the adventures were filled out.

I have also been discussing the issue with the committee chair and the den leaders in the pack. So it does not appear to be a permissions related issue for my access.

@JosephReinsma Your positions / roles in the pack appear to be:

  • Committee Member
  • Unit Treasurer

So I would not expect you to be able to enter advancements for Cub Scouts (who are not your own children).


adding /adventures to the end takes you to the universal adventures page to at least record those for the time being

The work around is not working for me on my own child using my parent profile, or with my pack profile (Which may not have appropriate permissions to do so). I have a separate email going with users in my pack. Others have reported the same thing, could be a permissions issue with their profile as well. I will see if my committee chair has a different experience with the work around. Not sure how quickly he will be able to test as he is at a week long summer camp right now.