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Is there an option for a live one on one work session. I just need to export volunteer and eagle project work hours and one last run to make sure I have everything out of TroopMaster.

@TeddySpiliopoulos - say what ? … could you explain further ?

Hey Stephen,

Not sure if a live support session is available from Scoutbook pros to help me validate export from TroopMaster to Scoutbook so my Troop can move on.

Well troopmaster will not allow a full export last time I checked - like all the logs are locked. As far as advancement as long as you have gotten the TM advancement Export file for Internet advancement those should all be covered and fine

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@TeddySpiliopoulos - how about you have this discussion with troopmaster as this is not a scoutbook issue.

I am here because TroopMaster didnt offer any help or viable help when I called them.

You are correct about not making full export available its by silos. Advancement seems to be in line as dropping off the reports post COH the updating from council is solid. Its the historical of service hours and eagle project and the like that I am worried we will lose. Lots of great history that should travel with the Troop.

The last we heard, the only way to move logs from Troopmaster to Scoutbook is to manually enter the data into Scoutbook. I recommend you have members of your unit audit the data after it has been entered to make sure it is complete and entered the way you expect.

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I really hope that is not the case.

Unfortunately Troopmaster never produced a way to export log data and Scoutbook did not include a way to import log data. Manual entry is the only option.

What some troops do is just enter data in lump sums based on the how far back they need granular data. For example, they will enter a single event containing all camping more than 2 years old then enter the actual camping data for the past 2 years so there is an accurate record for the OA Eligibility report.

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Thanks for the details.

@TeddySpiliopoulos - big hugs to the most awesome unit management thingy :slight_smile:

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