Online Adult Application, YPT Requirement

It would be great if the Online Application system for Adult applications could be updated to require the YPT training be completed before submitting the Application to the Unit.

I have a leader that submitted their Application online however did not complete the training right away. We are unable to approve the application until YPT is done however with our Council settings for time to accept applications it has twice gone into Reassignment to another unit and District has had to “Reassign” it back to us. If the system would require them to complete YPT before submitting the Application fully this would not be an issue. If it is a requirement to accept the application why not have it be a requirement to submit the application?

  1. Which unit leader position in which program? This affects who has to approve new applications in the online registration system.

Youth and adults who use this system should be new to Scouting or be currently registered in a unit and applying to multiple in a different unit than the one in which they are currently registered. This system is not designed to register non-paying adult positions, position changes in the same unit, or youth or adult renewals. BSA Online Registration UNIT GUIDEBOOK, November, 2018

  1. This forum is not read by the BSA online registration system folks. The online registration system folks may be reachable via the self-service portal at , Member Care Contact Center at or 972-580-2489.
  2. I suggest submitting the request as a technical report in the Member Care help desk section of the self-service portal.

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