Parent Account Conflict - Assistance Requested

Aloha SUAC Team,

I have a parent that is trying to register as a leader, but there seems to be some sort of conflict on the backend, possibly with another ID from a different council. We are in Aloha Council, Pack 3167 and he was added as a connection to his son and completed YPT, which is tied to BSA ID: 14915686. However, when he tries to submit his adult application, the application errors out when he tries to submit the completed app. If you can’t see it, I can provide the email and name. Hoping you can assist in getting this roadblock cleared.


If this is in the wrong area, please advise.

@DaveMorris This user has about 10 BSA member ID numbers in the same council and 2 usernames (logins) at my.Scouting.

Most recent log in to my.Scouting was in October.

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October sounds about right. We tried to get it processed a few times on his PC and on mine. I told him we’d straighten it out after recharter. I assume the 10 IDs and 2 accounts is the reason the application errored out on submission. Any idea how to fix this? Can these be merged somehow with the ID in my post (the one his YPT is associated with) and the username from the October login as the survivors?

@DaveMorris I have merged the usernames. He should log in with the username that is:


If he is trying to apply online, then I would recommend having him log in to his my.Scouting account first, then click on your unit application link.