Online Registrant Not Showing Up in Roster

In the past two weeks, I have accepted a number of new youth who registered via with no problem. Three days ago, I accepted a new youth in my, who had registered via He does not show up in my unit roster nor in scoutbook. However, when I download the roster to csv, he shows up. He also shows up in the Record of Change Report. I tried transferring him in, and the system said I couldn’t transfer him because he is already a member of the unit. The only odd thing about his record is that his dad used lower case for his first, middle, and last name (e.g. john samuel doe). Any suggestions on what I can do to get him to show up on the roster and in scoutbook? Thanks. Carolyn

There’s a related discussion going on here: New Scouts Missing From Scoutbook

It looks like there’s some sort of delay going on. Per posts in the linked thread, IT has been informed, but no resolution has been posted yet.

Post their bsa member number (no names please), and we can take a look.

@CarolynMiller what is the BSA #test

Thanks, Carolyn

Thanks. I didn’t read that thread since the topic was scoutbook rather than roster in

Looks similar to at least some of the others I’ve seen.

This seems to be partially fixed as scouts have come into scoutbook but in some cases without their parent connection.

Thanks. I see my new cub is now on our roster.

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