Online Registration hangs up

Online Registration for Adults keeps hanging up.

The system seems to freeze when they get to payment. This has been happening for awhile on and off. Anyone know the reason? I just need to be able to advise if there is something that they input in or if using a certain browser, etc that seems to trigger this.

Thank you.

There was a fix applied earlier this week to address payments failing. Are your members still seeing problems today? Is there any error message?

I have members that are receiving the following errors when attempting to online register:

Spaces after name: Had Council correct and My.Scouting no longer shows spaces - Had him clear cache, but system doesnt recognize member. GLAAC Member ID: 14356877

The other one, GLAAC MID# 13964670 I have asked Council to send in to reset as suspect it may be due to google log in (must of the on line registration doesn’t seem to work if member signs in using google or apple shortcut - don’t know why, someone said it may be BSA security protocol not set up with it)

Haven’t received the payments failing in a few days, so hopefully that is fixed.