Online Registration of new Lion that is too young

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Parent registered her scout online and he is 5 yrs old but will not enter K until the fall of 2023. How do I keep him from being promoted up to the Tiger rank? If I place him in a den by himself and when I go to promote all the other dens can I just not promote his den? Right now he is just on my roster and not in any den. This is a problem for units that recruit in the Spring. This new scout was accepted by my COR before I knew what or how to place him in a den??? I have several more siblings in my pack that want to join but have not filled out an application yet.
I’m used to the old system where BSA National promoted everyone on 1 June so they could go to Cub Scout Day Camp as a new Tiger perhaps this is the source of my confusion???
Thanks for your assistance

That still happens in my.scouting. You’ll need to get your council registrar to move them back to Lion after that.

In scoutbook, you just create another Lion den and don’t advance it at the end of the school year.