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Online registration setup

This discussion is about issues related to setting up and configuring BSA membership online registration at the unit, district and council levels.

Application Manager - Limited or full access?

I have a district key-3 leader asking the following. Anyone know the answer? I do

I have a unit that wants to give access to the application manger to a non key 3 person, that’s fine I can tell them how to do it, but can that added person also accept pending youth and adult applications? I read somewhere that they cannot, they would have full access, except accepting pending applications. Can you please look into this and confirm?

I do not think we have enough information on how this is being done to answer the question.

Who (in a unit) can do what in the the online registration system is described in:

An updated version of Application Manager access information is in:

Non-Key-3 leaders have read-only access and cannot accept or reject youth applications online:

The following have read only access to view application status to ensure the unit is acting on applications in a timely manner:

  • New Member Coordinator and
  • Registration Inquiry (go to page 13 for instructions on assigning this functional role.)


If your unit has adult volunteers who are helping manage unit recruitment and who need read only access to view leads and submitted requests in Invitation Manager and Application Manager you can assign them a functional role of “Registration Inquiry” in the system.

What I am not sure about is whether a Key-3 delegate has access any access to online registration system key-3 access which varies by the key-3 leader.

Bill, I would need to do more testing, but it appears that Key 3 Delegates cannot accept pending youth or adult applications.

For sure, K3Ds cannot accept adult applications, because that is reserved to the Chartered Org Rep (or Executive Officer/IH).

New Member Coordinator v.s. Registration Inquiry

For read-only access one or more adult volunteers in the unit can be registered as a New Member Coordinator (NMC) by submitting an adult membership application to the council registrar. If already a unit committee member, I suspect this requires changing the the person’s registered position.

I believe “Registration inquiry” which also gives more read-only access to the Invitation Manager and Application Manager can be set by a unit key-3 in the Organization Security Manager tool.

Getting Chartered Organization Representative Involved

It is my understanding that Chartered Organization Representatives are now required to be involved with the units that their organization is sponsoring, and are encouraged to be involved as voting members of their council committee and district committee.

For online registration It appears that it has now become a requirement that the Chartered Organization Representative:

  • have a unique email address in their my.Scouting Tools profile that is only used by them
  • have basic internet user skills
  • have access to the internet

Guides for the chartered organization representative include: