What functions are delegated to a key 3 delegate, are any withheld?

Our Cubmaster isn’t going to be available to us for the next few months, and so our Asst. Cubmaster is taking over. We used Security Manager to make the Asst. Cubmaster a Key 3 Delegate, but he doesn’t seem to be able to accept youth applications. We’re not sure if that is a system restriction or something not working just for him.

Unfortunately, nowhere does the system tell me which powers a delegate receives and which they might not be able to exercise. Does anyone know?

Any knowledge would be helpful.

@MichaelLynn - the application setup is in my.scouting.org in the organization manager where it shows the key 3 and charter org. There is a setup radio button on the block, click on that and it will show the options. I know for my unit it is CC and COR. If you look at the security manager there may be a line for registration inquiry but not sure if that covers the on-line apps.

might need to look at invitation manager also

Thanks, the button refers to who can accept an adult: the COR only or COR and CC. The unit leader(Cubmaster) is sufficient to accept youth applications. The question is whether a Key 3 Delegate also can accept youth.

@MichaelLynn - thanks for that info. We do not have on-line adult apps in my council so it is a meaningless toggle then.

The ability to accept youth using the Application Manager appears to be limited to unit Key 3 (Cubmaster, Committee Chair, or Chartered Org. Rep.). However, Executive Officers also have the same functionality as CORs. New Member Coordinators and adult leaders in the unit who have been granted the Registration Inquiry functional role have read only access. Key 3 Delegates are not mentioned.

BSA Online Registration

Online Registration Unit Guidebook

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