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Only 2 parents per Scout on the roster?

I’m viewing my pack’s roster with all the boxes selected for parent info, but I’m only seeing two parents per Scout. Shouldn’t there be room for more, considering step parents, involved grandparents, et cetera?

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Scoutbook allows more than 2 parents per Scout. Just select the Parent/Guardian check box when creating or editing the connection.

They don’t show up on the roster, though, when I print it. I had four parents connected, but only 2 showed up on the roster.

I heard someone say the only way to actually view all the roster data is to do an export and view in another system. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing for now.

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I verified this behavior. I have a Scout with three registered parents. They show up correctly in Scoutbook:

But the printed roster isn’t formatted to support more than the first two entries:

The Roster will soon be rebuilt and this can be addressed at that time

Thank you. I hope the decision is to include every field on the roster, as there are many I want to QC but which do not appear.


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