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Troop Roster shows same parent twice for scout

I have a scout on the Troop Roster that shows his one parent twice. When I drill down into the details of both of these parent records, the only difference that I can find is “Parent/Guardian” versus “Parent/Guardian”+“Adult Leader”. The record with “Parent/Guardian”+“Adult Leader” would be the more correct one. Although this situation does not seem detrimental to Scoutbook operation in any way that I can note, I would like to correct/eliminate this extra record but cannot seem to find a way to do this.

Any suggestions or guidance on this would be appreciated!!!

@LanceHall Could you provide the parent’s initials?

@JenniferOlinger - For Troop 398, the initials of the scout in question are CB and the initials of the parent in question are KB.

@LanceHall Look at Scouts Connection page and open each connection for the father - keep one that is father - unless he is leader too - then make sure it is parent and leader box checked - should be simple to figure out on your side

@LanceHall I ended one of the connections between KB and CB.

Please go to your Troop Roster page, and then:

  • Click on KB’s name
  • Click on KB’s Troop Admin role
  • Click Update

This will reset his Troop Admin role.

Then click on CB’s name, go to CB’s Connections page, click on KB’s name again, and Update to reset the parent connection.

@JenniferOlinger - Whatever you did has corrected this issue. Everything looks good. One last question - Was the “ended one of the connections” action that you did something that I should have been able to do? If so, how? If not, why not? Anyway, thanks for your assistance!!!

If you looked on the [Scout]'s Connections page, you might have seen the parent / leader’s name listed twice.

It doesn’t always work, but you can try fixing it by going through the Troop Roster, clicking on the parent’s name, resetting the positions and roles, and then follow up by resetting the parent connection.

@JenniferOlinger - Thanks for that explanation. The Scout’s Connection page only had ever shown 1 entry for the parent/leader; whereas, if there had been 2 entries, I would have corrected that easily. As far as the procedure about resetting the positions and roles, this was not obvious and really is still not obvious as a means to correct the original issue. But I am happy with the outcome and hopefully this article content may help someone else in a similar situation. Thanks once again!!!

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