Parents with multiple profiles with multiple Scouts

We have a family of 2 scouts and 2 parents in our Troop that I am trying to reconcile.

The Scout accounts are both fine and are SB/BSA accounts: 6157562/132318688 and 12997954/14908419

The parent accounts are where I am trying to unwind. There are 4 parent accounts associated with the two Scout accounts that I can’t seem to figure out which ones should be the “correct:” I think it looks like the mother (Alison) has three accounts - one associated to one son and two to the other and the father (Kyle) has one account only associated to one of the sons.

The parent accounts are BSA member IDs:

Is anyone able to help me reconcile what I need to do to get it down to one account for each the mother and father and have those accounts associated with both sons? Thank you!

@PaulJohansen we will look at it

@PaulJohansen the mother is fixed. I see no issue with the Father. an Admin can use Connection Manager to connect parent to scout, then go to connection and click the Parent checkbox


Please remind whoever is doing this not to create a new account if they have trouble executing the steps that @DonovanMcNeil described. That will just create another new account issue that needs resolution (…says the voice of experience having made that mistake before). :^)

Thank you! It looks great!

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