Order of the Arrow Membership Input

I am trying to enter OA Membership data for multiple youth and adults from my Ship. When I enter the dates and click save it says I need to provide records however, there is no where to provide records. Is this something that should be done on my end or do I need to get in touch with the council/lodge to get this fixed?

Can you take a screen shot of the error message?

Yes here is what it shows when I try to enter dates.

For the youth in the middle (in gray), I think it’s expecting a date for the OA Election.

no i just tested with no election date - are you sure all are eligible in the system?

I did put one in for them but it came back cleared and with that message. Not sure what the issue is been trying to input this multiple times.

Yes all that went in are eligible and have been inducted.

have you tried Shift + Refresh

Yes just did and it still does the same issue. Could it be because they are eligible through Sea Scouts and not Scouts B.S.A.?

I tested in a ship but it might have been an old scout too?