Organization Security Manager - 2020 dates grayed out - can't assign Advancement Chair

I’m a Key 3 Delegate, and I’m trying to assign the position of Advancement Chair. When I try to set the expiration date, all dates in 2020 are grayed-out with a strike-through. My Key 3 cub master also tried it and encountered the same problem. What are we doing wrong?

One clue might be that the expiration date for our unit, displayed in the top part of the screen, shows December 31, 2019. We rechartered several weeks ago. Is there something that has to be manually changed by someone at the district level?


It’ll turn back in when your recharter paperwork is processed. It took a week or two for us last year.

Thanks. I’ll wait a few days and see if anything changes (we submitted our paperwork more than two weeks ago). If nothing happens I’ll contact someone at the district.

@MichaelK -submitting the paperwork and the council registrar processing it are two different things. It may be a week or more. In my council it could end up being a few months as PA has a number of hoops to jump through.

No recharters will be processed prior to January 6, 2020. The BSA will be updating the membership fee in the systems on that date. After the fee change is complete, councils will be free to process recharters.


Thanks for all the helpful info, friends.

@MichaelK - as an ASM for over 10years, I have a few questions for you best shared over the phone; what’s the best way to reach you?

Being new to this format, was it addressed directly to me or to a group?


One of the advantages of posting questions and issues here is that all get to learn. Also, others can give tips and answers if they have “been there”. It is sort of like an internet “round table”.

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Can someone explain the thinking of why we’re not able to make changes during the recharter? Why does it matter?

It’s a bit painful to have to wait months (5+ this year with the Methodist mess) without being able to make changes. Then again, maybe we were and our leadership at the time just didn’t know how. But it seemed like we couldn’t.

My Position Manager screen is still all grayed out.

@DavidO Your pack’s recharter has posted, so I’m not sure why you would be seeing a greyed out Position Manager.

I would recommend contacting your local council. There is something odd about your registration, in that you appear to be a Committee Chair for the Lions program. I do not know if fixing that will resolve the issue for you or not.

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We’re just inventing new stuff around here. :wink:

Thanks, I’ll check with the council.

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What is your role supposed to be? I think only COR can makes changes (vs just see) on the position manager screen.

Committee Chair.

But I our COR also said she made me a COR designee (or something along those lines).

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Ok. Yep. That will work too. I learned if you have more than one unit, a COR delegate is only a delegate for that unit and not the whole CO.

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@DavidO For you I see:

  • Committee Chair
  • Unit Training Chair - This should be a functional role for you, because the Committee Chair is not supposed to be able to dual register as Committee Chair + Pack Trainer.

I do not see COR Delegate for you. However, if your COR just added you today, it won’t show up until tomorrow.

OK. I’ll let her know. Thank you.

@DavidO When you log in at my.scouting and go to:

Menu → My Profile

Scroll down to the “Registrations” section. You should be able to see all of your registered and functional positions here.