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Organization Security Manager - 2020 dates grayed out - can't assign Advancement Chair

I’m a Key 3 Delegate, and I’m trying to assign the position of Advancement Chair. When I try to set the expiration date, all dates in 2020 are grayed-out with a strike-through. My Key 3 cub master also tried it and encountered the same problem. What are we doing wrong?

One clue might be that the expiration date for our unit, displayed in the top part of the screen, shows December 31, 2019. We rechartered several weeks ago. Is there something that has to be manually changed by someone at the district level?


It’ll turn back in when your recharter paperwork is processed. It took a week or two for us last year.

Thanks. I’ll wait a few days and see if anything changes (we submitted our paperwork more than two weeks ago). If nothing happens I’ll contact someone at the district.

@MichaelK -submitting the paperwork and the council registrar processing it are two different things. It may be a week or more. In my council it could end up being a few months as PA has a number of hoops to jump through.

No recharters will be processed prior to January 6, 2020. The BSA will be updating the membership fee in the systems on that date. After the fee change is complete, councils will be free to process recharters.


Thanks for all the helpful info, friends.