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Our Scoutbook account was setup incorrectly and I need help to fix it

First of all, The recharter is what is used to update the members of our units, and when that is not done correctly, Scoutbook can be fouled up. We had that problem in the very beginning, and I still have a leader whose name is not spelled correctly, and that hasn’t been able to be fixed, even though we’ve corrected it for the last two recharters.

Secondly, your assertion that this isn’t the right place for any venting, and that we should supply a problem, means you didn’t read the thread. I still have no answer for my adult leaders that can’t get into thier accts, because they don’t have access to the emails they signed up with.

Lastly, just because you have decided that you and your units can use the tool, does not mean it is the best tool for my unit or the many others that are also complaining about it. I appreciate your right to present your opinion, however, I do not appreciate your implication that we should stop whining and get with the program, when that is exactly what this forum is for. I don’t really care that you don’t like that I don’t like Scoutbook, and I’m going to continue to call out what I think needs to be fixed. My intent is to stand up for those that are afraid they will be bullied if they speak out by those of you that police these forums telling them they are wrong for stating what is obviously wrong with the program. I have been in IT support for more than 30 years and I have never seen the level of User Shame as I have on this forum and for this product.

If this is true then I am truthfully afraid for the leadership of our Program. This could be solved by requiring two-deep leadership in emails. Simply require that every email sent through Scoutbook is sent to/or auditable by the Key 3. Actually having an undeletable log of every email like Troopmaster has would also keep that from happening. There isn’t any good reason to restrict local admin access to the email or the account. Instead, we are forcing people to provide their credentials to their unit leaders so they can fix it, instead of giving them the tools.

As noted above, if a parent hasn’t yet logged into Scoutbook, you should be able to change their email and send a new invite.

But if they already have a Scoutbook / BSA / my.scouting.org account, I’ve had leaders successfully update their email address using the “chatbot” feature on my.scouting.org. Simply have them click on the chat icon in the lower right, and then type something like “email reset” which will walk them through some security and other profile questions and hopefully allow them to update their email and reset their password.

Thank you for that suggesstion. One of my parents said that they tried that last night but just kept getting asked their security questions. So if that is working correctly, then they don;t have the correct answers to their security questions or that tool is also broken. I don;t know who else to reach out to for these people and this forum has been helpful to me personally, but has not allowed me to get them the help they need,

Unfortunately, I need to get help outside of this forum, and I’d appreciate anyone sharing their opinion on the best way to do that, since going to the Council does not appear to be an option for us.

Your council has tools to change email addresses if they are able to confirm their identity. Council procedures to do so may vary.

We are trying. If I can’t get it fixed by tomorrow, we are going to have a serious discussion this weekend about going back to Troopmaster.

Have you reached out to District? Either Commissioner or Exec? They may be able to host a ZOOM call with you and your Troop parents to at the very least get emails corrected and sorted out.

Personally I really like Scoutbook and I use it frequently. Between being Advancment chair for both my sons one in Troop and one in Pack it’s a great tool/resource and the quick entry is so much easier on Scoutbook than any of the other tracking platforms I’ve used.

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