Out of council transfer problem

Hello. I have already read so many previous questions on this topic but realized that I might need higher powers to help fix this.

I have a scout who is transferring from another council. Per the guidance I found online, the parent had to initiate it. So he did, but instead of getting an option to ‘transfer’ he had to create a new account for his daughter.

A few questions: 1) How do we reverse that? Or do I just ignore the application in MyScouting and it’ll eventually go away? 2) He paid $80 even though he should have paid nothing. Can he get that back from BSA? 3) How can I get her original scout account (13931767) to come over to our Pack (1853) and not the new application he put through (140526988)?


@NohaMostafa - each council has its own set of BSA ID numbers so the old BSA ID from the prior council will not be recognized in your.

Ok. But what about all the awards she received in the previous levels? And should she have paid $80?

@NohaMostafa - is that $80 your council fee ? They would not pay the national fee if it found the prior BSA ID

Pretty sure it’s the National Fee.

@NohaMostafa - ok… I did look at your council site and they charge $80 as a council fee and national charges $80 so that works

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@NohaMostafa The Scout’s registration expired in the other council on 09/30/2023.

She would be paying the full national and council fees.


@NohaMostafa It might be a good idea to contact your local council for guidance / assistance.

After the Scout gets registered, I would recommend that the local council use their Registrar Tools and take a look at the Scout’s “Relationships”. It looks like the Scout is the child and also the parent.

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