Scout->Adult Scoutbook Transition question

Once a youth has turned 18 and is going to submit application an adult, other than closing out any pending advancements, does the Troop need to end the Scouts youth membership? Should SB transition automatically if the My.Scouting Rosters are updated for both youth/adult categories? (Have read the migration help topic but wasnt very detailed)

Asking as last year we had the same scenario. For some reason he was showing under both youth and adult after filing his adult application. When I attempted to end his youth membership in SB, both the youth and adult listed was dropped from our Scoutbook roster. After this years recharter he is showing as an Adult.

@DaveBuckley - we just recently did this and the scout moved from youth adult without any scoutbook intervention. Just make sure to keep the BSA ID ON THE APPLICATION

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Thanks that is a good point. Will make sure I mention it to the applicant and Key3 who signs off on the app.

If allowed in your troop, council, and state, and if they aren’t still registered in a crew or ship, I’d have them apply on by logging in with the same username they used as a youth and is connected to their member number.

Yeah I would agree online apps would be so much easier. However I believe our Council is only supporting online apps for new Scouts and not adults. Went through the headache after this years recharter my position didn’t get changed as it was supposed to. Unit didn’t want to bother the COR to change my position in my.Scouting. So had to file an entire app out to switch roles when a few mouse clicks should have been all that was required…

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