Pack 3111 Missing 2 Adults

We are missing 2 registered adults in Scoutbook that our Council (Heart of America) say are on our roster. DO NOT POST NAMES PLEASE Can you help?

@BradleyHargrove you can post BSA #s (no names) and we can look

I will have to get back with council to get their numbers. They said all I needed was their names to inquire…and since they aren’t in Scoutbook, I don’t have access to their numbers.

@BradleyHargrove Both of those adults are Adult Partners, which are not considered registered adult leaders (YPT not required, no criminal background check, not approved by COR, etc.).

They do appear to be properly connected to their children in Scoutbook.

if you are key 3 - go to - Unit Roster - Council should be able to quickly resolve this with VST Tool

@BradleyHargrove In Scoutbook, go to your Pack Roster, and click on “Show Settings” (it looks like a gear icon) next to Scouts.

Check the box next to “Show Parents / Guardians”.

Thanks…I am in there and the Council wasn’t correct, we turned in their adult leader applications in December and both adults in question are still listed as adult partners. This issue is on their end and not Scoutbook…sorry for the post!

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