Pack cannot enter advancement into Scoutbook

If I click any belt loop from this list this is the following screen I get.

@EmilyFlorez it looks to me like your pack did not recharter - you need to talk to your council

They absolutely are chartered. That is even a new unit number that they got when they changed councils. They were Pack and Troop 372 in Longhorn Council, now Pack and Troop 2022 in Circle Ten Council.

@EmilyFlorez @RobertBrodner - are the scouts in dens in pack 2022 ?

@RobertBrodner so this pack went from LHC to C10? I think the issue with the whole pack is none of the Scouts are in Dens - that is essential for SB to work with Cubs

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OK, I will communicate that. Also, the pack and troop do not show up in the drop down list when I try to connect to them. Any idea why that would happen? This is happening for all three units. The girl troop is brand new, they were not transferred across councils.

Talk to C10 I think @RobertBrodner

@EmilyFlorez One problem may be that every leader in your unit needs to manage their member number to make their new member numbers primary.

It also looks like you are not registered with Circle Ten as more than a Tiger Adult Partner.

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I can explain why there’s a mix up with the dens. When we were finally activated I went to put the scouts in their dens. I didn’t see an add scout button so I did it manually hoping that it would recognize when there was a match, it didn’t. It wasn’t till I got down to the last 2 that I finally saw the little red letters indicating to click them to add current scouts to their dens. So we have double names.

I am the Webelo leader this year and last year I was the Bear leader. I have never been able to access my Scouts progress or advancements in Scoutbook.

@KatherineWilkerson that is because the scout is not in a den - with Cubs Scoutbook works off of the assigned Den

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Also, the screenshots you posted look to be from the Scouting app. That only allows parents to connect with their scout(s), not leaders to connect with their units/subunits. You’d need to you to do that.

We still do not have this working. Multiple members need access.

@jacobfetzer Posted 5 days that it looks like your pack did not recharter and/or youaren’t registered. If it didn’t, that would be a good reason for multiple members to have issues. Have you confirmed that your Pack has a current charter?

Let’s start with your registration. Are you registered? You should be able to tell in my.scouting. In the upper right, by your name, my profile and “registered positions”. What is listed?

@EmilyFlorez You need a Pack Admin to log in at Scoutbook at:

  1. A Pack Admin needs to create the dens.
  2. Then a Pack Admin needs to go to each Den page in Scoutbook and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to assign the Cub Scouts to the den.

The Cubmaster and Pack Committee Chair are usually Pack Admins in Scoutbook, and they have the ability to designate additional Pack Admins.

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