Pack recharter information deleted on 1 March

Please advise what is needed to reinstate my Pack’s information into

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I am our Cubmaster and this is my second time rechartering the Pack so this issue has me very perplexed. Our Key 3 had completed our recharter before the deadline of December 31, 2023, with no errors being reported that would block the internet recharter from occurring. Our Council went above and beyond to assist in this effort (corrected double-charges, leader charges on non-leaders, etc.) and reassured us that because we got everything in ON TIME, we would not be penalized. We paid for the recharter and the feedback was the recharter will be imminent, but will keep us advised of any changes.

Now, we noticed that our Pack (46 Scouts, 20 Leaders) was not being formally rechartered in January and February. This was brought to our Council’s attention and they relayed that National is holding up the recharter, and this issue is affecting numerous units. The Council program manager has been communicating with me regularly, so I was led to believe this was an issue that will sort itself out shortly.


Let me rephrase if the typing did not get your attention, the Pack’s recharter information for 46 scouts and 20 leaders is deleted from the
Adult leaders…deleted
Scout Account…deleted

There is no sync, no transfer, and no communication from National, to my Council, to the Cubmaster (me) as to why my Pack was NOT rechartered in January or February. There has been NO information passed as why National deleted my Pack on March 1, or why all of our adult leaders cannot access any of the details for the Pack.

I have been in contact with our Council and Roundtables on this topic, and this is affecting many of our Packs and Troops in the District. Our Commissioner’s and COR also respond that there has been NO communication to them from National on the status of resolving the deletion of the Pack information (roster, adult leaders, etc.). There have been deadlines our Council has passed to us for an expected date to have this issue corrected by, but there is still no resolution. All we are told is, “It is with National”. My assessment of our Council Program Manager is she is as upset as we are, if not more. This is very concerning as we have paid for a product/service, and have not received the promised return by the date promised/expected.

This failure of communication is creating a domino effect: do we have insurance coverage, how do we signup for summer camps if we are not listed as an active Scout, can we even access the material in the future, is the completed Adventures still able to be accessed, why do I pay for a program that does not deliver it’s promised services when there are more cost-effective options, etc. We are working these out with paper, pencils, spreadsheets, phone calls, etc., a lot more than what a volunteer should be doing at this development stage of the program.

Please answer the following questions:
What caused the failure of our Pack to NOT BE recharted at the National level when all required tasks and payment were accomplished on time?
When will our Pack’s information (rosters, training, etc.) be accessible in Scoutbook, internet advancements, and
Why have we not been given ANY communication from National on why we are not rechartered?What is National doing to correct the lack of communication going forward?


Once your council posts your recharter, your data will appear in Scoutbook, IA and again.

All other questions will need to be answered by your council.

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My Council has said the Pack information has been posted, recharter is being held up at National. Feel free to lookup my Pack’s information and respond with what you see.

Pack 1, Central Georgia Council.

Councils are in full control of recharters not national

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@DavidGrant1 - are you discussing this with the registrar as they are typically the folks posting and working the recharter process

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We have no information on the status of your recharter. You will need to work this through your council.


Thank you for the research. I am reading from your response that National has no information on our recharter status, this is very disconcerting.
Our register at Council has stated that National is not allowing any unit to become active until all the Criminal Background checks for all adult leaders are completed by National, and not the Council.
With this additional information from my Council, did your information research also show the status of any background check status on adult leaders?


I did not say there was no information on your recharter. I said the tools we as volunteers have access to have no information. We cannot access any information regarding CBCs. As we have said, this is an issue you must work directly with your Council professional staff.

Thank you for the clarification. Yes, we have been working through the Council, and this was the only path able to try and find resolution to this issue. Would you have a contact at National that may be assisting in your volunteerism that can be shared? A PM is acceptable.

Then is this correct: the volunteers on the forum do not have access to Pack recharter status or information.

@DavidGrant1 - I am almost certain that the CBC is done by the local council… but I am not certain of that and the leader will be flagged if there is a not clear on the CBC then they can bot be registered or re-registered


The national office does not support units or volunteers. All support is via your local council. They can open tickets with member care if necessary.

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Yes, our Council said they were the ones to do the CBC in previous years, but for this coming year CBC’s are being done by National.
Thank you for your responses to this topic. If y’all hear about anything else, please post or let me know!

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