Pack Roster Duplicate Entry

I have a cub who is on my roster in the organization manager, but is not in Scoutbook.
When I try to add him, Scoutbook says he’s already there.
I believe his dad attempted to register him twice, I’m not sure who went in and tried to clean it up but it took away the wrong one and the connection seems broken.
He is listed on my roster in the Organization Manager, but not on the roster in Scoutbook and doesn’t show up under My Connections.

The cub is in the Organization Manager with the member id - 140179122
His other entry had the member id - 140219341

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you.

@SaraBerghoff it is odd - BOTH BSA# show some kind of registrations in your unit - Scout should be back tonight but I would also have council take a look

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