Pack to Troop Transfer still seeing Upcoming Events from Pack

I have a parent of a pack to troop transfer that is still seeing Upcoming Events for old Pack, but when she clicks on Calendar it shows Troop events. I checked the Scout’s membership and there is an end date on the old pack as of 03/08/2021. Any thoughts on why she still sees the old pack Upcoming Events and how to resolve? Scout BSA ID 135223684 and User ID 7206773

My first guess would be that the parent/scout are still invited to events in the pack. Most likely because:

  1. The events were set up with invitee lists prior to the scout being transferred and not cleaned-up afterwards, and/or
  2. The scout still has a membership active in the pack, and the parent/scout are continuing to get added to new events due to the scout’s appearance in the .

The parent can rule out 2 by checking the scout’s current memberships, and putting an end date on any that are in the pack. Issue 1 will require that the pack go through their events and “disinvite” the scouts/parents who are no longer with the unit. The Feature Assistant Extension can automate this, to some extent.

ETA: How did I miss that you’ve already checked for the residual membership? :man_facepalming: Sounds like it is most likely issue #1, then.

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