Parent Unable to Access Her Account

A parent (User ID 9917878, no BSA ID, as she is not registered) reports she cannot log in now. She has attempted the username recovery function and gets no system email.

I do not know if she has SSO… She reports trying to use two different usernames for Scoutbook and my.scouting

Please let me know in IM what her username is in system, and email address associated with her account. I can provide more personal info in IM.

Thanks in advance!


The parent’s ID is her e-mail address which is her first initial, middle initial, last name @ gmail.

Thanks, Ed, but parent reports this does not work for her, nor does the system send her recovery emails when requested on that username.

Please IM me, and I will share the username she is using.

@ScouterRob I sent you a private message.

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