Parent Account Isssues with Old profile

I’m having issues with a parent account for BSA ID# 13470487. I got an error yesterday for the birthdate when trying to transfer her scout to a troop but another error has occurred today. Now it’s telling me "Parent/Guardian is missing AddressLine 1. This account was created before all the setting changes occurred in scoutbook in regards to requiring the parent date of birth. Is there a way you can go into her profile and make sure all the necessary information is on her profile and make her profile match her other BSA ID#136866187? I also need to have BSA ID#13470487 profile deleted but combine the information of the history of the account converted to BSA ID#136866187.


I’ll look into this for you


BSA Member IDs (MID) can’t be deleted, only managed.

This member already has all 3 of her BSA Member IDs listed on her account with her registered MID 136866187 listed as primary.

I suggest you contact your Council and have them use the relationships tab of registrar tools to move her children from MID 13470487 and MID 137445053 to MID 136866187. They should also remove the incomplete address from MID 13470487 as there are 2 addresses, one complete, one incomplete.

This should correct any issues you are having with the accounts.

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