Parent Account Merge Request

Good morning, I have a scoutbook parent account merge that I need an assist with. We have a parent in our Troop who needs their old account (Member ID: 13120782) merged into their current council account (Member ID: 14884561). The parent has been using the old account as the active account and the training on that account is the current training. When you merge the accounts, will it bring over the training on the old account into their current council account? If not, how can the parent capture this training (since it is up to date) so they do not have to do it again?

As always, I appreciate your help on this.


@VincentSbrocchi do they want to keep the email login or the username?

@VincentSbrocchi I will keep the email login as she uses it more

@VincentSbrocchi they need to check email - as there were 2 different ones across the accounts - it can be changed in > profile

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil I have reached out to the user and asked them to try to log in and make sure everything looks ok. I will wok with them to update the email and let you know if we have an issues.

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