Parent account not seeing kid accounts

I have a parent that cannot see any of their kid account in Scoutbook or MSO. Not sure whether this is technically an issue with Scoutbook or MSO. This wasn’t a big issue until today when her younger son now wants to transfer into the troop and they want to do the electronic transfer method using MSO.
Parent’s initials are SW
BSA Member ID is 12783097
User ID is 2350377

Older Scout is
Older Scout’s initials are SW
member ID is 135315213
His user ID is 2353071

Don’t have the information Id numbers for the younger scout, but he is in Baltimore Area Council Pack 360 and has the same last name as both the older scout and the parent and it is a pretty unique last name.

To setup parent AS Parent for my.scouting you need to talk to council - we will look at scoutbook issues

@JamesSoltysiak this mother last logged in
05/07/2020 - I do not see another account immediately - find out the user name she is using

Before sending this out I had her log in and verify the BSA member ID and user ID associated with her account to make sure she didn’t have duplicate ones. She said she logged in via PC this morning (since it appears App logins don’t count toward last login updates) and said her account information is correct. When she sends the username back I will put it here. Are we supposed to post usernames here (especially if it is their email address) or is there a way to send it privately?

She just sent back the username, it is [user name removed by Moderator]

@JamesSoltysiak she is not logging into Scoutbook - she is logging into

It sounds like she is now able to see both her kids in Scoutbook now. Maybe user error on her end. I will deal with council on the MSO problem. Thanks.

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