Parent can not view his kids accounts

I have a parent, BSA#134690189 who is unable to see either of his boy’s accounts. The boys initials are O.P. & W.P. I am trying to find out what is wrong and why he is unable to view anything. Any advise would be appreciated.

@DennisHellon - do have an idea of what he DOES see ? It may be that he has landed on a condensed menu.

This is a screenshot forwarded to me so hopefully its readable:

Admin: Removed screen shot to remove user’s name.

@DennisHellon - I would guess multiple ID’s either scoutbook or and that is something that the SUAC could assist with depending upon the issue.

That’s actually what I was thinking. Do you know if there is anyway I can check for multiple BSA #'s myself?

If you look at the BSA ID you reach from the scout’s connection to the parent from your end, and compare it to the BSA ID that the parent sees in their own account, that might identify at least one.

However, one of the fastest ways to get a more comprehensive answer is when SUAC gets a chance to look at the BSA ID you posted to see if there are multiples.


The last time the account with that BSA Member ID (MID) was logged in was November 2020. The parent should be using his ID that is his e-mail address in the form .@…

I found 4 MIDs with the same name and DOB so he probably has multiple Scoutbook accounts. This will take some time to straighten out.

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Interesting. That is what I was suspecting. Please let me know when you are ready for me to instruct the parent to do something. I appreciate your help.

@DennisHellon I have merged this parent’s Scoutbook accounts.

I would recommend that he log in to my.scouting and Scoutbook with his username that is


– not his e-mail address.

Edited to add: I have set his BSA member number 134690047 as “primary”, because it has his full name, DOB, and e-mail address.

The parent stated that was it. Thank you!

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