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Parent added himself

I can’t add a parent connection to a scout-- the error message says his email is connected to a youth scout.

The parent says he signed up for scout book on his own and it told him he had to be approved by the local unit.

How do I find him and do this? If he’s listed as a youth, how do I change it?


There have been some instances where Scouts were assigned their parent’s e-mail addresses by the registrar. To fix this you need to send an e-mail to with the Scout’s name, council, unit and the e-mail address you want removed from the Scout’s profile.

You can search for the parent by going to the Scout’s connection page and clicking +Add then entering the parent’s name or e-mail address used to create the account in the top search box as seen below.

Thank you.

He did not come up in the search.


After removes the e-mail address from the Scout’s account you will be able to create a new account for the father. Since you were not able to find him via search, he probably does not have a ID. If he does, he can log in to Scoutbook with that and figure out what e-mail address is attached to it.