Parent and Scout both set as Scout


We have a scout and parent that are both set as Scouts in ScoutBook, and the person entering advancement has entered all the advancement for the parent. This apparently has been going on for a while, and was just reported to me this week.
BSA ID 13937782 - is the scout, but and needs to have the advancement moved over from the parent.

the parent who has all the scout advancement. His BSA ID is 13797595. It shows the date he joined scouts BSA as
4/1/2021, but his birth date is in 1977. Is it possible to move over the advancement and then make the parent no longer a scout?

Anders Monsen
Scoutmaster | Troop 809

@AndersMonsen talk to council first then it can be cleaned up - the father is registered as a youth. that is the first fix that needs to happen

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