Parent cannot see his scout

Hello - A parent in my pack says he cannot see his Scout in SB. I see the parent linked to his scout when I log-in. Scout’s SB ID is 10333829 and BSA Member ID is 136465776. The parent did say he previously had 2 accounts w/his email address. He was able to get this fixed and it worked several months ago and now it seems to have reverted (I’ve had this happen to several parents in our pack that had dual accounts at some point, included 2 Den Leaders that currently cannot access their accounts). I’ll post separately on the 2 den leaders. Can you help?

@ChasidyCavanna This should be fixed. The parent needs to log in with his my.scouting username – not his e-mail address.

I would recommend having your local council use their Registrar Tools and lookup the Scout’s record (BSA member ID 136465776). Under the Scout’s User Relationships, the parent is connected to the Scout with the parent’s secondary BSA member number. The parent’s BSA member number should be: 136465777.

Will do, thank you for your help!

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