Parent has multiple accounts

Hello! One of our parents has multiple accounts (middle name is Michael but he goes by Michael, and he has Scout Book history with Bluegrass Council in KY).

Can you see if you can reconcile them? He would like this account to be the active one:

BSA member number: 136240571
User ID: 9493254

Thank you!

@MichelleBlake what makes you think there are multiple users?

I do not even see a Scout connected to this account

The father emailed me to let me know that he had set up his Scout Book account but has multiple accounts.

His son’s BSA # is 136240570 and his user ID is 9974002.

You see nothing under the info I provided (which he provided)?

Thank you,


@MichelleBlake I do not see any duplicate Scoutbook accounts for the parent.

In Scoutbook, the parent is not connected to the Scout. You will need to connect them.

One issue I see is that the Scout has this for his e-mail:

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