Parent can’t rest password

No email shows up when using the reset password, and the bot says the information is not correct. I noticed on the the state and zip code were blank, updating them was difficult (not sure if it was device/browser or what) but I was able to update. I got the same message as the parent when attempting to reset the password for them.

The member number is 14591786

They just need to get password reset to log in and connect with their two scouts.

If there is an error in the membership database, the council registration staff may need to fix it. (Several years ago, I had an error which required my account being removed and rebuilt.)

A SUAC monitor may be able to check if something else is going on.


@KristoferNeyens this user has Sign in with Google turned on - they need to click sign in with Google and enter their Goggle credentials

I have a parent who can’t access their account and grant access to their son’s account. Parent member ID 132490651

@PeterMoustakos I see recent logins by this parent to my.scouting and the BSA’s training site, but none to Scoutbook. Please ask the parent to try logging in to Scoutbook at:

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