Parent cannot access son's account

We have a parent of a Scout, BSA# 126708930, who has two accounts, one with the email address [e-mail address removed by Moderator], and the ther with the email address [e-mail address removed by Moderator].

He logs in with the first gmail address, but in his son’s account, he has the second address and can’t see his son when he logs in.

Can you correct this so he can access W’s account?

A second question is this: is there one login for both parents and scout, or does each have their own login info?

Thanks so much!

I am looking into this issue

Log off and back in again with the gmail account and see if you see your son now.

Parents and Scouts have two different logins. You can invite your son to login by clicking on his name, clicking on his profile and at the bottom of his profile following the directions there.

Yes, that seems to have done the trick! Thank you so much!

Take care,


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