Parent cannot see connect scout

We have a parent that is showing connected to his scout and vice versa but when the parents logs into scout book he is unable to see his sons records. Have been unable to find an answer and I see where this issue has been reported previously.

@ThelbertOverstreet they have 2 SB Users usually. Post the BSA # and we can look

Scout ID# 134676444
Parent ID# 13373037
Blue Ridge Council
Roanoke, Virginia
Troop 180B

@ThelbertOverstreet this is fixed

Parent just tested and advises that issue still not fixed.

@ThelbertOverstreet user has not logged in today - they need to use their user name not the email address

Parent just advised that issue still exists.
If you would rather discuss directly with parent.

@ThelbertOverstreet please do not post others emails - and that was the wrong email from what I show. The user has not tried to log in that I see today.

Just contacted parent…not sure what he is using as login.

I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it > it will be a green dot with a number 1 > it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Not seeing what you are talking about. Will this show on the current page or do I have to go somewhere else?

Took Top Right of page at the Circle T that is blue

Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 11.05.39 AM

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