Parent Can't Access ScoutBook


I need your help.
One of our parents can’t access her twin boy’s accounts.

Her credentials are 13130237 and 57486
Son #1 is 12598489 and 28740
Son #2 is 125958500 and 28741

Can you please help restore her access?
Thank you for everything you do to help the kids!

Kevin Elmore

@KevinElmore how can she not access? did she forget password? has she tried Forgot password?

@KevinElmore This parent has 2 BSA member numbers. One has a date of birth, the other does not. The BSA member number she should be using is 12257112.

I have merged her Scoutbook accounts.

Yes. She has tried forgot password. She said that she cannot login to mark her RSVPs, look at advancement and what not. She mentioned to me that it was as if her access were deleted.

Jennifer–thank you so much. We have our meeting tonight. I will ask her to try to login and see if this fixed it. REally appreciate your help here!

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Thanks again Jennifer. The issue is resolved. Thank you for everything that you and your colleagues do for the Scouts. Have a great day.

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