Parents locked out of Scoutbook account

Who can we contact to help parents that have been locked out of their Scoutbook account? BSA #'s are 135319319 and 13179122.

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When you say locked out, what is the exact error / message?

They’ve forgotten their password and need them reset, I believe.

I have unlocked 135319319. She should be able to log in now or reset her password.

For parent 2, is he an Assistant Scoutmaster in a troop? It looks like he has a different BSA member number (134224285). He has Google sign in turned on, so he should log in with his Google name and password.

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One of the parents has the “changeyouremail@” in his profile, so he’s not able to get reset emails.

Thank you Jennifer! I am not aware of him being an assistant for another troop, but I can ask. It would be for Troop 303 or 609 if he was. Do I need to send the first parent or does a reset email go to her automatically?

I would have parent 1 try logging in at my.scouting (if she remembers her password). If that doesn’t work, then have her try resetting her password at my.scouting using the chatbot (“Betty”).

For parent 2, it looks like he has multiple Scoutbook accounts. I will send you a private message.

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