Parent Can't Re-Login

I have a parent Email Removed who was successfully able to login to ScoutBook a few weeks ago, but now cannot login. She gets the invalid username/password error when trying to login. She tried to do the Self Help Password reset, and when she does, she does indeed receive the new temporary password via email, but when she logs in with that password it tries to load the security questions page but nothing ever loads. She doesn’t remember even entering security questions the first time which may be the problem. How can we get her account fixed. Thanks.

@JohnRydzy the parents login is not the email - it is her user name. If they do not recall it they can do 1 of 2 things.
go to and click the BOT here and type forgot password

Or council can reset the password

She is trying to use the self help on using her username now, unfortunately it is asking for her DOB, and since I created her Scoutbook account manually I didn’t enter a DOB. Is there a default DOB or something to get past that question when they don’t have one?

If there is no DOB then the self help won’t work.

@JohnRydzy default DOB is sometimes 1/1/1900

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