Parent Connection via Existing BSA Number

I have a parent who has an existing my.scouting user name and password that they also login to Scoutbook with. They also have an assigned BSA number. When I create a new connection for her with her child and put in her BSA number, Scoutbook doesn’t recognize her by name and sends the invitation e-mail. In the email, it assigns her a new login for Scoutbook. How can the existing account she uses to login to my.scouting and Scoutbook be used, the BSA number be linked as she will be our Treasurer, and the one created by the Scoutbook invite be removed? As background, her husband initially filled out the paper form joining and therefore is listed in Scoutbook but never has connected with their scout.

Are you entering that in the search bar?

Yes, her name or any combination of it. I tried a variation and it showed someone but there wasn’t any way for me to know if it was her based on that alone. I entered her BSA number but no search results.

You are not alone, the search is unable to find anyone right now for me even when I know they have a full account.

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