Unable to find an existing user on add connection

I invited the Parent to link with Child A. They did and now show the linked chain in SB. I am now trying to link them to their Chlid B. In the search window I have tried their name, email address, and BSA membership ID without success. If I type their information in however, I get a warning that the person already has an account (true!) and a decline to create a new scoutbook account. I am stuck.

It is hard to give the information we used to as the profile changes now hide both membership ID numbers and scoutbook ID numbers from users. This is true even if I follow the now only existing “Edit Profile” as “Edit Extended Profile is gone”, and the IA page for her is all blank in the yellow section. The following partial URL of her from Child A may help figure out what who I mean ScoutUserID=12217782&ConnectionID=62322718 but hints on hind a users account numbers since yesterday’s changes would be appreciated.

@JoshSteinhurst first check to Scouts connections to see if the parent is already connected in another way

They are not. However although the changes to ScoutBook now hide user ids in this case, I was able to use the roster to find it. I need to establish a connection between a Scout with SB ID 12361143 (BSA ID 14156960) and an adult with BSA ID 14289722 (I can’t find her SB ID although she is there and linked to her other kid) When I try to add a connection to the older scout, it can’t find the parent by any identifier, but also knows that if I type the name and email in that it already exists. Is adding new connections currently broken?

@JoshSteinhurst In Scoutbook, go to:

  1. Pack Roster
  2. Connections Manager
  3. Add a connection between the Scout and parent.
  4. Then go to the Scout’s main page in Scoutbook and click on [Scout’s] Connections.
  5. On the Scout’s Connections page, you can click on the parent’s name and update the parent’s connection to “Parent/Guardian”.
  6. Click “Update” to save.
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What an interesting workaround, thank you! I hope they fix searches but this did the trick for now.

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