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Parent/Den Leader, cannot view his scout or any of the others in his den

I have a weird situation.
Dad is den leader.
Mom is registered adult.
Both are linked to their scout.

She can see the scout’s info.

Dad suddenly can’t see his scout or anyone else. Have tried everything, adding/removing positions and roles. A bunch of folks have tried to fix with to no avail…Even as Pack Admin he can’t see anyone.

His BSA# is 13530944, but that is associated with his wife’s account.
Her BSA# is 136466570, but that is associated with his account.


According to Akela, the BSA person database, MID 136466570 is assigned to the father with first initial P. MID 13530944 is assigned to the mother with first initial N.

MID 136466570 is not currently registered. I recommend talking to your council.

The leader with MID 13530944 also appears to have MID 13401032 which is registered for 2021 but not as a den leader.

You will need to talk to your council to get his registrations fixed.

Thank you. That’s helpful, I’ll check with them.

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